Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I haven't lost anything and it's Tuesday already!

Today has been great so far. I haven't lost anything today.  In the past month or two, I lost a great many things, or spend an inordinate amount of time looking for things I just had five minutes ago... Car keys, my phone, my tablet stylus.  My camera charger.  All these things I have had to replace, and it doesn't make me feel good about burgeoning dementia.

But today I'm alone in the house, it's quiet, and I have organized (as best I can) the sun room.  That included moving a few things around, and getting some things out to the studio that six months' worth of hints didn't make happen.

I am upbeat today, unlike the past several days.  I am still deeply mourning the death of my father just six months ago, and it is an experience quite different from any I've ever had.  It is something I really don't want to think about today.

Now, here in the office, just a few things to scan for a current collage project, and it's off to play.

My car is at the dealer, getting its own middle age checkup.  It was there in the first place because a new key and remote has to be programmed.  I lost my car keys for the first time ever in my life several weeks ago, shortly after returning from a shopping trip.  I know they got home with me, because I got here in the car. So, at a cost of $100 for the key, $100 for the remote, and $100 for programming... what a deal, right?
But I shouldn't complain because I do need two keys at least, and the car is awesome itself.  No issues with it, and I don't drive that much anyway.  So for sure, I won't be in the streets today since the car isn't even here.

So no, I don't think I've lost anything today.

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Updating this week: Still here!