Sunday, October 02, 2005

So, where was I?

So.. where was I?

The circumstance of Katrina and Rita and the exposure of the underbelly of what has been called civilization in this country, gives us all something new to ponder.  And I have learned a lot.

  1. Adrenalin is a great thing and apparently is unaffected by aging.  It was on pure adrenalin that I was able to work some long days as a volunteer after Katrina.  I hadn’t done anything like that in years… yet it all came back naturally.

  2. Electricity is a necessity.  The thought of living without electricity even for one day, much less weeks is what drove me to hysterically evacuate before Rita hit Houston.  Which it didn’t.

  3. Gasoline is expensive.  I think the generation of my children will be the first to really make some changes in their lifestyle because of this.  If they were in the oil business, they’d be delighted.  Otherwise, it’s time for us all to go into the bicycle business.

  4. We need to return to self-contained communities, where we can all walk (or ride horseback) to stores, schools, churches.  Alternative energy sources are not impossible dreams.  

  5. And I think the funniest thing about self-preservation for this mother hen, is the immediate urge to have all my chickens under one roof.  Meanwhile I’ll look for a new prescription for anxiety medication.