Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting old is no fun

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Lately several people have expressed the fact that your mind will lie to you.
It thinks you're 40, when you may actually be 71 as I am.
What a pain.  Literally.
Each morning I have to stretch my legs almost before I get to the coffee pot.  My legs shrink or something as I sleep, I guess.  But when I wake up there isnt much that doesn't hurt, until I have moved around a bit.
I have to talk to myself all day, a running narrative of whatever I am doing just to stay focused. And still I can't remember whether I took a pill or not 5 minutes later.
I don't get enough sleep.  I feel in such a hurry to accomplish a lot of things while I still can. I fugure I may have at least ten more years in this realm, so I am busy leaving lots of marks on the planet, like paintings and other projects.  This week I have been tossing lots of things I don't need and never will use, but unfortunately, in the process I think I threw away several credit cards that I now have to call and get replaced.  Yes, I seem to do something like that every day.  I spend a great deal of my day looking for things.