Friday, April 28, 2006

New Domain

Finally I updated my website.  After I filed for a new domain name after the old one expired and the bureaucracy wouldn’t allow me to renew it.  Even though it was my own name.  Go figure.  So now my site is moved to from A.S., through no fault of my own.  Somebody else now owns A.S. now, and I’ll be (bleep) if I’m going to buy it back from them.

Greg Palast’s new book is finished and is on the market in June.  Order your copy early and you’ll be part of the crowd… it’s a bestseller on Amazon already.  Greg has found a way to tell the entire story of our present status all in one book.  It’s getting too complicated to try and follow the news every night.  I end up switching to three or four different cable news channels just to get the important stories of the day.

I think it is sad that somebody either was or wasn’t raped at Duke University, and I hate that people go missing in Aruba, but in the case of the end of the world and priorities, I think the prospects of nuclear war started by Mr. End-Timer really needs to be the headline here.  And how is it that people who believe that they have to instigate Armageddon also think it’s important to get rid of estate taxes?  I mean, it’s either one or the other, right?