Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cooking in Canton

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We loved our last weekend in Canton, even at 102 degrees. "They" tell us that it gets better in September but in July it was an oven. The traffic was made up of very red-faced sunburned people, who were on their way to some other Fourth of July celebration, but I have to admire their fortitude. We found ourselves hiding out in our air-conditioned shop most of the time. I was happy to hear, however, that Animal Control was raiding the Dog Town section. It was entirely too hot to have puppies and other animals out there without arrangements for keeping them cool.

But the circus atmosphere at Canton is exciting to those of us who love festivals, with their kettle corn and smoothies and turkey legs -- if you haven't been there, you're missing a treat. It takes at least three days to see everything and I certainly have not yet. Next Canton Trade Days starts July 30 and although it does not promise to be any cooler, it will still be fun.

Of course the best-selling items were anything Michael Jackson. I just don't think that fast.
Our top products are the beautiful heirloom boxes with laser engraving that makes them all one of a kind. Come see us!