Friday, April 11, 2008

Randi Rhodes - Hottest Topic on the Web

I've been waiting for Randi to move to NovaM for some time now... and the entire episode has me really up! We all had such hopes for Air America and gave them all the support we could, as time after time good people were discarded. A budget problem, everyone assumes. But when AAR announced her suspension last week, I knew she wouldn't go back. She was under contract, but she says they wanted to amend her contract (to say they could fire her) before they let her come back and of course she wasn't going to agree to that, when she has so many options -- and much better ones at that.

Now what I'm waiting for is to see if XM can just override the Air America sign on 167 and turn it over completely to NovaM. In any case, the next six months are absolutely critical for newshounds to have someone to pass the truth on to us, so there will be listeners out the gazoo!
We have no time left for mish-mash conversation.

And it's too bad CNN had to bump Randi on Thursday night for some news that was no longer "breaking" but it was only the power of Larry King himself that got her the three minutes in the first place.

I'm excited and feel more hopeful than I have in awhile now.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Backaches and Botox

When I picked up my youngest granddaughter last month, I forgot that I'm not supposed to lift anything (or anyone) over 20 pounds. And I think the main reason that slipped my mind was because the week prior I had finally agreed to be Botox'd! That alone makes one feel 35 again!

Well, I wouldn't have just agreed to Botox from just anybody, but my personal physician has gone into this little side business, realizing that she had enough "mature" patients to support the idea. And, she further explained, that people who feel better about how they look don't get sick as often. But somehow that doesn't apply, I guess, to backaches. So now I'm spending three days a week in physical therapy.

The upside to that, is maybe I'll get stronger, take up water aerobics, tighten up all these muscles that didn't get Botox'd, and then maybe I really will be the same as 35.

When my mother died last fall I could easily see all the things she missed in her life, all the plans she made that she never got to fulfill, and each time I buy a new piece of clothing I think of her and how she loved a new outfit. I remember she tried to put on makeup, but her face, so wrinkled, didn't even leave much room for eye shadow or mascara. Her lips (like mine) were thin, and lipstick didn't matter much. And she suffered with debilitating back pain for most of the last 20 years. So I'm working on all this.

Perhaps in another ten or twenty years I will find myself in a wheelchair, or bedridden as my body succumbs to high mileage, but for now I have a little more spring in my step and all my frowns removed.

I'll just remember to get down on the floor to hug my granddaughters.